Let’s Play Wizardry 7, Part 2

NOTE: This LP is now cancelled, sorry. I can’t figure out what’s causing the stack overflow error. I decided to just go ahead and post the next (and final, sadly) part of the Wizardry 7 LP, up until I wasn’t able to play anymore. No matter what I do in a fight, that stack overflow comes up. Not good in a game where you fight a LOT. But the 2nd part is behind the cut, for those who still want to know about character creation and the like. (It’d be a shame to let the work go to waste!)

Some highlights from the opening scenes (because my space for images is limited, I’m sorry!)

Screenshot (41)

Starting with a new party assumes that you went for the Cosmic Forge in the last game and never met Bela. This is Altheides, sent to retrieve the Cosmic Forge. He claims that the royal family from Wizardry 6 actually stole the Cosmic Forge from the Cosmic Circle, which would explain why so many horrible things were happening in there.


Screenshot (42)

He requests that you come with him to a planet called Guardia to stop an even bigger problem from taking shape. Namely, the Dark Savant.


Screenshot (43)

I’ve always wondered if that ship was actually a cyborg or something. It looks like it has a really long ribcage and a caged brain.


Screenshot (44)

He reminds me of Dr. Claw. For some reason, when I was a kid, I thought the arms on his chair were some kind of alien pet, or something. The way his non-robotic hand moves, it looks like he’s trying to pet something. (I’m sorry, I can’t take him seriously! Especially after that awful voice in Wizardry 8!)


Screenshot (45)

He’s also got a girl named Vi Domina with him who…certainly leaves quite an impression. Apparently, she’s vital to finding an artifact called the Astral Dominae, the “most powerful artifact in the universe.” And because it exists, there are others looking for that artifact, including the T’rang, and the Umpani.


Screenshot (46)Screenshot (47)

Spear-wielding spider-things and rhino men with guns! I thought they were both pretty cool, to be honest–I liked the T’rang a little more in Wizardry 8, though. We’ll see how they’re different in Wizardry 7, though.

Screenshot (48)


Well you’re a presumptuous one, aren’t you?

Screenshot (52)

Pretty! Also, I like how they use this explain why you have such limited equipment. They also explain why you basically start from level 1 despite being an old pro as, basically, “because space travel.” Both make plenty of sense and I like it. Even so, dang it Altheides! Let us do our job right if you’re gonna force it on us! Sheesh!


Now, I should not something else about the auto-map mod I have. Ever since I installed it, the game’s dialogue has been going at lightning speed, to the point I can’t read it. Fortunately, I do have a few ways of figuring out what was said, so I’ll just be putting up the screen shot of the first frame of text (if I can) with the rest of it underneath. This will also save me a bit of space for images. But we’re off the ship! Yay!

Screenshot (53)

At long last free from the stuffy confines of the strange flying machine that brought you here, it is good to breathe deep these primal airs… An odd tingling sensation begins to stir inside you, unfamiliar at first, but then you remember… And with memory comes an exciting recognition, as if suddenly finding a thing thought lost long ago… For within the air you once again detect the unmistakable scent of danger…

NOW. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. SAVE. If you take a step, get in a fight, and die here–which can happen!–you’ll have to go through that whole opening scene again.

After you save, DO NOT MOVE. Instead, go to your characters’ screens by clicking on one of their pictures. It should take you to a screen like this one:

Screenshot (59)

See how all the items are grayed out? That means they’re not equipped. You literally start the game without anything equipped. Why on earth the developers chose to do it this way, I have no clue. It’s a little frustrating to me, since it’s so easy to miss. Now, I know you can equip your party on the screen right before you hit “Start New Game,” but you can’t exchange equipment between party members there. You can only do it here, after the game starts. Get your folks equipped, give people whatever weapons you want from what’s available, get a feel for this screen. You’ll be seeing it a lot. A few things to point out:

  • Click and hold the candle next to the character portrait for some additional info.
  • Click on the shield hanging on the wall in the background for skill information (Weapon/Physical/Academia).
  • With armor, the lower the number gets, the better. It’s kind of like Dungeons and Dragons games there.
  • You can cast spells outside of battle, if you have them. Click on the part of the floor that has the skull on it and choose what spell you want to cast.
  • You can change name, character portrait, and class by clicking on the character’s name plate on their portrait. I typically don’t mess with class changing, but I might later on. I tried it one time and got thoroughly freaked out by the fact it resets your character’s stats to the class’s minimum. I may give it a try later, though.

Once you’re satisfied, exit the screen and continue. One or two steps later, the narrator pipes back up.

Screenshot (60)

A torrent of thought sweeps past you, dark haunted images escaping from behind the locked confines of your own mentations… Like a shock, your mind begins to race with the impact of all events that have brought you to this place… Does Mankind have a destiny? Does the Universe have a destiny? Could it be possible to alter the Universe of all that has been before? Or is all that can be, to remain all that is…

Game, can I play now–

Who is this Dark Savant, this dark herald of change? And what role shall you play? Will your actions assist the approach of a new order within the universe, or hasten the onslaught of its own destruction… And how can you be certain of the difference… These thoughts begin to fade as quickly as they appeared, and soon your gaze return to the forest where you stand…

Thank y–

Perhaps somewhere in this new world lie the answers… And then again perhaps not…

Had to get that last bit in, didn’t you? ANYWAY. There’s no time to waste–onto New City!

Screenshot (61)

Oh come on, seriously?! I’ve moved less than 10 steps!

Upon the back of which rides a blazing female warrior…

“O’Haio, strangers! Welcome to the lands of Guardia! Many are you, who have come from the stars… We hail you, for it is the time of the coming of the Crusaders! Let destiny prevail!”

…And with that, the bizarre lass zooms into the sky and shoots out of sight…

Well that was…a thing that happened… Well, let’s continue then…

Screenshot (63)

Oh, no.

Screenshot (64)

Alright, here’s the meat and potatoes of this game: combat. This is another screen you’ll see a lot. In fact, it’s very easy to die in this game; I may have to restart this fight a few times to keep people alive. (We’ll see how it goes.)

What options are available to you differ slightly by race and class. See the “Breath” button on the lower left? That’s referencing an attack only available to Dracons, which is an acid breath attack that can hit multiple enemies. It does cost a good chunk of stamina, though, so use it with care. “Hide” also shows up on stealth characters–if you have it, use it OFTEN. It protects the character from all harm until they decide to go head to head with an enemy. You can play music, use items, and cast spells while hidden with little to no consequence. Some spells may still hit, however.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

And that’s where the error started showing up. I don’t know what I’ll do instead, but I’ll try to work on something. I want to start with a game I know well to get a feel for LPing. We’ll see what happens!



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