Turkey Basters: A Cautionary Tale

How it should have been. Image Credit: Ethan Lofton

By J. A. Awadalla

Okay, this one is pretty funny in hindsight. One time, I had the brilliant idea to get a turkey off-season because it was cheap and would last for a few days. We bring it home, defrost it, and my dad sets to work cooking it.

And then disaster strikes. Also, keep in mind that we got the turkey off-season.

The turkey wasn’t completely thawed out on the inside, despite the fact we were able to get the little bag out from the inside and our measly 9 x 12 glass pan is quickly filling with liquid. To prevent total oven carnage, my mom and I volunteered to run to Walmart and get a turkey baster so we can get the liquid out safely. With our desperate mission set, my mom and I raced out the door.

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